Quality endorsed company to ISO9001 for the manufacture of resin coated sand, silica sandd and foundry sand.


    Established in 1971,we provide selected quality silica sandd and floating sand to serve customers in the commercial and industrial fields.

    "Ching-Ching Foundry Sand Co.,Ltd."was established in1974 to develop quality foundry sand and resin coated sand to meet the demand of the industries. "Chin-Chuen" is the first company to dry and grade silica sandd before packaging and provide it to the market with the brand name "Ching-Ching" , vhich is praised by customers.

    To accomplish the goal of serving customers, "Chih-Chuen" merged with "Ching-Ching" in 1984 to form "Chih-Chuen Industry Co.,Ltd.". "Chih-Chuen Industry Co.,Ltd." moved from its original location at Chiasheng Li, Miaoli City to Kungkuan Town, Miaoli County, due to the construction of the roads around the city made by the government. In 1995, the government requisitioned lands for the construction of East-West Expressway, forcing "Chih-Chuen Industry Co.,Ltd." to invest more than US $4.5 millions in 2001 to introduce the latest technologies and equipment from foreign countries and establish a factory in Tahu Town, Miaoli County. It is the goal of "Chih-Chuen Industry Co.,Ltd." to march forward along with other manufacturers of the industry based on the hard operation experience over the past 30 years.

  Office address
9F-5, No. 23, Sec 1, Hang Chow S Rd.,
Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C
  Plant location No. 142, Nanchang Rd., Nanhu Village, Tahu Town,
Miaoli County (at 133.5 km on Tai-San Line)
  TEL 02) 23518790 . 23518627   TEL (037) 991433. 991466
  FAX (02) 23972415   FAX (037) 991455
  E-mail [email protected]    
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